Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis

Professor of History
Indiana University, Bloomington

Omnia disce, videbis postea nichil esse superfluum

"Learn everything, for you will see that it is all useful later on."
        -Hugh of St. Victor, Didascalion, vi, 3, 12th century

Teacher:  "I ask you why you are so eager to learn?"
Pupil:  "Because we do not wish to be like stupid animals that know nothing but grass and water."
        - Ælfric of Eynsham (955-1020), Colloquy


Course webpages, Fall 2022

B351:  Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages

J300:  Early Medieval England 

Old course webpages:

H206:  Medieval Civilization  (spring 2022)

J425:  History Capstone Seminar (spring 2022)

C390:  Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (fall 2021)

J300:  Women Rulers in the Middle Ages (fall 2021)

J300:  Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages (spring 2021)

H610/710:  Medieval Historiography  (fall 2020)

B208:  Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages: (spring 2018)

H610/710:  Ethnicity and Identity in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: (fall 2017)

B348:  Byzantine History (fall 2016)

J400:  Capital Cities (fall 2016)

H610/710:  Essential Readings in Late Antiquity  (fall 2014)

H610/710:  The Fall of Rome (fall 2013)

H206:  Medieval Civilization (honors section) (spring, 2012)

H610/710:  The Anglo-Saxon World  (fall, 2011)

H610/710:  Barbarians  (spring, 2011)
J400:  Pagans and Christians in the Early Middle Ages  (spring, 2010)
H610:  Essential Readings in Early Medieval History  (spring, 2010)
E104:  Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages (fall, 2009)
H610:  Medieval Rome  (spring, 2007)
J400:  Anglo-Saxon England  (fall, 2006)
B204:  Medieval Heroes (spring, 2006)
A214:  Art and Life in Ancient Rome (fall, 2005)
A329:  Art of the Anglo-Saxon World (summer, 2005)
E103:  Sacred Places  (spring, 2005)
B352:  Later Medieval History  (spring, 2005)
A101:  Ancient and Medieval Art  (spring, 2004)

Other material
Curriculum vitae
Fifty Early Medieval Things: Materials of Culture in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (with Hendrik Dey and Paolo Squatriti, Cornell University Press, 2019)
Ravenna in Late Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
Maps of Ravenna
The Medieval Review (TMR)